Why enter the awards?

Entering awards should be a strategic part of your business promotional activities. You’ve nothing to lose but stand to win much; including new and repeat business.  Awards provide a valuable opportunity to increase exposure and recognition for your brand.

Entry is free for the Plastics Recycling Awards India. By just being nominated for an award you can generate lots of publicity for your business, if you take action. 

Free Marketing. Finalists and winners will receive marketing assets to add to their website and social media platforms. 

Winning an award shows that you're a trustworthy and highly respected business. It builds credibility. Being short-listed for an award acts as a seal of approval that shows potential customers and suppliers that your business offers a quality product, and is highly respected in the business community.

Companies who use awards as a tool for assessing and benchmarking their performance not only improve faster than their competitors, but win more awardsThe kudos of winning is priceless and impactful!